Faronics Data Igloo

Faronics Data Igloo 2.32

Allows users to redirect data folders or registry keys to a Thawed partition
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Developed by Faraonics, Data Igloo is a software solution that enables users to efficiently retain user data on machines that use Deep Freeze as a system restore software. This way, users can redirect user profiles, folders, and registry keys to a different location on your computer.

The program is easy to install and doesn't require NTFS knowledge or other complicated procedures. It comes wrapped in a minimalistic interface that has no customization options and its comprised of three tabs and a working area.

Despite not having one of the greatest GUI, Data Igloo compensates with its features. All the existing features can be accessed either by command line scripts or from the interface menu.
The profiles, registry keys or folders are managed through granular control which redirects them from the main location to multiple computers.

One of the main features is the Thawed partition that is able to retain data across restarts on a Frozen workstation, thus maintaining the security of the operating system.

In conclusion, Data Igloo is a useful software tool for users who want to redirect their data on different computer locations. Moreover, it uses a low amount of system resources and it's free. Still, the program does have some issues regarding the display of error messages and setting the correct permissions on folder redirection.

John Saunders
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  • Supports Windows 10 version 1803
  • Allows features to be executed through command line scripts
  • Comes packed with Granular control


  • Has a poorly designed interface
  • Misses the display of error messages. Has an issue about correct permissions on folder redirection
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